SCoPE Seminar: Accessibility of eLearning: December 4 - 17, 2006

Accessibility of eLearning
Facilitators: Catherine FichtenCatherine Fichten and Jennison AsuncionJennison Asuncion
Description: For the past three years, the Adaptech Research Network has been investigating the accessibility of eLearning (e.g., PowerPoint in the classroom, online tests) to Canadian college and university students with visible and invisible disabilities. During this seminar, Jennison and Catherine will describe the research and share some early findings from their 409 research participants:
  • college and university students with disabilities who have used eLearning
  • professionals who provide disability-related accommodations on campus
  • faculty who have taught a course where they used some form of eLearning and had at least one student with a disability in that course, and
  • individuals who support/drive eLearning at their institution.
They will also be eager to hear about your experiences teaching using eLearning with people with disabilities, your successes, and lessons learned. Wherever possible, they will provide guidance and suggestions, as well as facilitate the sharing of best practices among participants.

We compiled the $200 or Less List: Free and Inexpensive Adaptive Software during this seminar.

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