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I am presenting a second video that provides a brief personal introduction that could be included in my courses. 

I hope you can see this - I did upload it to the Kaltura repository for this course but could not get it to display properly. 

I also ended up uploading it to YouTube - I could not make the Kaltura version show up here. 

Sorry, you will have to copy the link - when I make the link active, the display is enormous and will not load. 

BTW, this is definitely an excellent experience dealing with these issues as a student....I see now why some get so flustered. 

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(Edited by Sylvia Currie - original submission Thursday, 14 June 2018, 4:08 PM - embedded video)


Thanks very much for your input and tips, Robin!!  I will see if I can adjust the timeline as you mentioned. 

I would really like to get this working properly. 

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HI Leonne, 

I enjoyed your first video but REALLY thought this one is great. Your sweater adds a lovely touch of colour that was missing in the first. Your script is clever, wise, and articulated beautifully. Very encouraging and motivating!


Thanks for your input Janet and great tip. I will work on that!

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This is an introductory video I have been working on to introduce the Novice to Expert Theory for Nurses by Patricia Benner. I think I have the visuals and background music down pat but I still have flaws in my script getting cut off at the end of certain frames.

Any suggestions on how to fix this (and any other aspects) are most welcome. 

I really like the Adobe Spark interface and encourage my own students to use it for their projects. I just wish I could master my audio timing. I have redone the culprit frames several times - that part is frustrating. 

If you cannot see this from Kaltura it is also on the Adobe Spark site at: