Open Education Remixathon: Oct 12-18, 2012

Open Education Remixathon: Oct 12-18, 2012

Facilitators: Paul StaceyPaul Stacey, Scott LeslieScott Leslie, Sylvia CurrieSylvia Currie

Virtual Kick-Off: SCoPE Blackboard Collaborate | 12 October | recording | slides

UPDATE: People were too busy attending conference sessions or jamming on the conference cruise to do much work on the remixathon projects. So we won't be having a "results" wrap-up as planned, but of course this forum remains open as an archive. 

This event extends the reach of the Open Education Conference -- Beyond Content -- taking place in Vancouver 16-18 October, 2012

The Open Education Remixathon will kick off with a round robin to describe eachOER remix Open Educational Resource and the envisioned enhancements. Following the launch we will use this forum for discussions among those who submitted OER, those who are remixing, and those who are just plain curious about the whole process. We encourage posting of draft versions of the remixed resource, and, of course, collaboration on the remixing process. On the final day we will review and share the results.

This is an opportunity to give proof to the promise that Open Educational Resources have always held that they enable derivative works to be remixed. 

Sound like fun? It will be! 

Here are the submissions:

DiscussionStarted byRepliesLast post
What next? 0 Sylvia Currie
Welcome to the Remixathon! 3 Sylvia Currie
Open Resources: Influence on Learners and Educators: Chris Pegler 1 Chris Pegler
Math in Society: David Lippman 1 David Lippman
12 October Virtual Kick-Off 1 Sylvia Currie
The StoryBox: Alan Levine 1 Alan Levine
Peeragogy: Charlie Danoff 0 Sylvia Currie
Communicate OER: Working on Wikipedia content 2 Pete Forsyth
Fairly tale remix for foreign language learning experiences: Jacques du Plessis 0 Sylvia Currie
Data Mining for the Thrifty Student: Jeremy Kemp 0 Sylvia Currie
P2PU School of Education resources: Ahrash Bissell & Philipp Schmidt 0 Sylvia Currie
Course Management Strategies: Colin Madland & Valerie Peachey 0 Sylvia Currie