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by Chris Pegler -
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Thanks Slyvia for setting up this page. As eagle-eyed viewers will see there were 5 days to go when this page was uploaded so there is more information on this site and - as its very much an in-progress activity - please come back and visit often.

The idea is probably a little outside what is expected of this session? Survey design/questions and data as an OER. You may be looking to do some evaluation of a project, or have some research that you wish to push forward. You may have either of these that you did and stuck in a cupboard and did not share beyond the original project. This is a chance to try and find out whether we can share the raw tools and outcomes of research in this way. This approach may help you to make comparisons between your local or national work and other work. ORIOLE data and survey questions are being shared in this remix but with links to other surveys/data that I know about. Please let me know what is missing.

Happy for you to comment here or in the Google sites To comment here you will need to register and enrol (see bottom of this page), its an easy process.

Thanks for your interest, Chris