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Hi Karen,
I live in Edmonton, Alberta and work in Private Practice -- but also am working on a graduate diploma in distance education and technology. I think that collegial exchanges are so important and when Scope members contribute one or two ideas -- it really adds up. I'm just really getting into what works and doesn not work for me -- but blogs and nings -- where there are specific interests -- are something I will make more time for over the next ten years. I only have the one class left in my GDDET at Athabasca University -- and I want to stay involved with lifelong learners with somewhat common interests. On the other hand one of the things I find is having one main goal at a time and completing one at a time-- but sometimes having interruptions and also keeping the pulse of connection to other people and other goals simultaneously. It is kind of like being aware of the other Venn Diagram Ovals -- but focusing most of my dots of time on a central one. Or put another way -- deciding my priority at the time (and bringing it front and center), but having a lesser focus and a varied flexibility with blogs and e-mails, but cutting down on unhelpful distractions. Cheers, Jo Ann

Dear Sylvie,
Thanks for another note to wrap up with after this productive venture.

I wonder hope we can be reminded about the Acquisitions page. I think it could come up in the introduction of other Scope presentations -- since it is an ongoing project. Perhaps there will be a list of projects and wikis eventually -- that are ongoing. I'm just starting to think about these knowledge management and acquisition contributions. Thanks again. Jo Ann

Hi Nicholas,
I was going over one of your postings from Oct 2, 2008 -- and you mentioned an interesting e-tutoring project (recent UK-China collaborations). I was wondering where we might find more information about this as I think it sounds terrific and not just for the museum, but for the cultural growth of e-learning and global educational.

Thanks for any lead you can give me on this. Jo Ann

Dear Don,
It is fine by me. What, in particular, do you find of value for your students? Feedback is helpful to me too. Thanks
Jo Ann

Thanks too Richard.

I have some ideas to follow-up -- via my Ontario family connections -- but just won't have time til mid December to do much about e-mailing properly to those folks. However, as you have stated, we can jump in as the project is really just beginning. I am amazed at all the links already given -- terrific collaborative efforts and interest shown. Bye for now, Jo Ann