Week 2: Rise of “Big Data” and Data Scientists

BIG Learning Data in Organizations

BIG Learning Data in Organizations

by Viplav Baxi -
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Just a thought. Organizations are using BIG analytics for trying to better understand (and predict) customer behaviour. Educational institutions are trying to see what they can glean from assessments, student activities and use of technology.

Can we think of ways for organizations to easily capture what employees are DOING in their job - what processes they follow, what tasks they do and how well - i.e. perhaps use standard project management and appraisal systems data? This data has certainly got to be BIG.

Once we have that, we have established context. Context is key for designing learning. And LA systems can then suggest personalized paths to achieving competencies. 

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Re: BIG Learning Data in Organizations

by Tanya Elias -
Hi Viplav,

I couldn't agree more. In order for learning analytics to be of use (both in the corporate world and academics) we need to be looking beyond the learning side of things to find out what people are actually doing (as well as needing/wanting to know) in the real world.