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Moodle - Data across courses

Moodle - Data across courses

by Ken Masters -
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Hi All

I know that Moodle can give relatively detailed information from within a single course, but is there an easy way (i.e. highly automated) to get very current data from a range of courses simultaneously?

At my institution, the Dean wants answers to very simple questions, like, across the College,
  • Which courses are currently active?
  • How many teaching and support staff and students are currently actively engaged in the courses?
  • How has usage varied over the time of the course, month to month, week to week?
  • How much activity occurs after hours?
  • What tools are being used in the course?
And we would like the info to be as close to real-time as possible. At the moment, we have a situation where we have to make a formal request to IT, wait several weeks (even months), and then get a short list of names of staff (which usually includes active and non-active, and doesn't distinguish between teaching staff and support staff), no. of students registered (again, no distinction between active and non-active) on the course, and size of course on disk (as if that has ANY value to a teacher at all), and last date of access to the course (which may even have been by accident). So most of the information is either wrong, out of date or useless (or all three). We've been told that one can't get any other information from Moodle, which I find strange.

Does anyone know of tools that can help?


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Re: Moodle - Data across courses

by Ryan Baker -
Ken, you might ask Cristobal Romero (Cordoba) or Stephen Edwards (Virgina Tech). I believe they have each written tools to dump Moodle data. (But I don't know much more than that).
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Re: Moodle - Data across courses

by John Rodgers -
Ken: I have limited expertise on whole Moodle reports, but On the face of it, this would appear to be incorrect. Moodle has built in functions that can generate global statistics about courses (most active etc.)

There is a cron job which will gather and refine data from the database (you can specify when you would like the job to start and stop to maintain user experience).

The detailed real-time reports that are generated in a course are available at the admin level as well, so yes, its possible to generate a nice csv file of everything that has happened that day (or any given day) on the entire site or for a particular user etc etc.

The final answer is moodle is open source, and all of the actions are logged. Adding a module that would enable the gathering, refinement and production of whatever report you would like is always possible.
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Re: Moodle - Data across courses

by Ken Masters -
Thanks, John and Ryan, you've given me quite a lot to work on.
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Re: Moodle - Data across courses

by Juanma Dodero -
Hi Ken,

Moodle Gismo is a graphical monitoring module for Moodle 1.9 that first extracts data of all courses before representing it:


Maybe it can help you to know some info from a range of courses.

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Re: Moodle - Data across courses

by Ken Masters -
Hi Juanma

Thanks very much for this - I have downloaded it, and will see what our technical staff can do with it.