Week 1: Introduction to Learning and Knowledge Analytics



by Richard Olsen -
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I've been fascinated by Kynetx (http://www.kynetx.com/) ever since I discovered it.

The really interesting thing about kynetx is that is a contextual system that adds notifications and modifies currently viewed information when the user may need them. Kynetx uses a browser plugin to act as layer onto top of the web. Some made up examples of what Kyntex may mean if it was a contextual education application might be:

Example 1, if Stephen Downes had his OLDaily as a Kyntex App, subscribed users would have the corresponding OLDaily post displayed upon visiting an web page or blog post. The context of the user would dictate when the post was shown not the time when it was published.

Example 2, if Scope was a subscribed Kyntex App, a user might have certain search engine queries modified to contain appropriate and useful information and resources injected into the search results.

Example 3, if the Learning and Knowledge Analytics course was a Kyntex App, subscribed users might be made aware of other users currently engaged in the content. This may include sharing search results, notifying when other learners were reading the same content, possibly offering the opportunity to chat?

Love to hear ideas from others about this....
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Re: Kynetx

by Eva Birger -
Sorry, Richard
but your post is all Greek to me. It sounds very interesting, maybe you are getting an other chance to explain Kynetx during the weeks to come.

Some of the terminology is completely new to me.
I posted about these questions in my blog:
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Re: Kynetx

by Richard Olsen -
Hi Eva,

Sorry for the confusing post!

Kyntex is basically a tool that connects companies with users based on the user context eg. the websites they are viewing, their location, date, time of day, ....

Wikipedia may do a better job of explaining it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kynetx

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Re: Kynetx

by Vanessa Vaile -
Yes, confusing but interesting ~ enough to visit the kynetx site (and hope that it doesn't give my geriatic computer indigestion).

The unfamiliar terminology does at time make LAK11 more like an FL course at times.
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Re: Kynetx

by Luis Torres Yepez -
Looks interesting,

The issue of "context awareness" its an subject of my interest.

I'll try.

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Re: Kynetx

by Viplav Baxi -


I am as fascinated by the idea as you are. This seems to be an ideal platform to render what I call Network Based Training (NBT - as something that evolves from WBT or Web Based Training). Being aware of the network is what we are doing in this MOOC. In fact, the MOOC is also a network. So if the MOOC was aware of our individual context, a great many things would become possible.

For example, a MOOC that understands that my interaction on a forum is low, could send me more opportunities for interaction on the forum by connecting me with a high-interaction node (discussion or person). 

Another simpler example could be based on my multiple identities - say a question I posed on Quora was semantically similar Week 2 discussion around BIG data. When I come to Week 2 on the MOOC, I bring the Quora question, its respondents and possibly the blog post I wrote on it, into the context  of the MOOC suggesting relevance of something I had encountered earlier to my current context. Or, better still, customize a twitter feed that contains people who may not be on my MOOC list, but who have something that they have contributed to on the Week 2 theme and prompt me to share with LAK11 Week 2?


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Re: Kynetx

by Richard Olsen -
Hi Viplav,

Good ideas.

The problem with these platforms, is getting user adoption, something schools and other educational institutions may be better placed to overcome.