Special announcement: KnowTIPS Online Conference begins today!

Special announcement: KnowTIPS Online Conference begins today!

by Sylvia Currie -
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The 2nd Annual KnowTIPS Online Conference begins today! KnowTIPS is an example of what energetic and committed individuals can achieve as a group.

We have many SCoPE members on the roster, and the line-up of presentations and activities is amazing. It will be a flurry of activity for the next 5 days, but the conference site will remain open for follow-up and viewing archives. Check the list for presentation/discussion topics that grab your attention and sign up!

Technologies for Communities
Facilitator: Nancy White
Facilitator: John Smith
Facilitator: Etienne Wenger

Social Software: Going Beyond LMS Systems for e-Learning
Facilitator: Terry Anderson

Snow White and the Seven Competencies of Online Interaction
Facilitator: Nancy White

Open Networked Learning
Facilitator: Leigh Blackall

Facilitation Strategies for Focusing and Deepening Online Learning
Facilitator: Sarah Haavind
Facilitator: Marsha West

Office on A Key Chain!
Facilitator: Elderbob Brannan

Over 200 Free Games and Simulations
Facilitator: Rod Corbett

Facilitator: Shula Klinger

Using Moodle
Facilitator: Deirdre Pickerell
Facilitator: Roberta Neault

Collaborative E-Learning: Feedback and Assessment
Facilitator: Janet Salmons

Tools to Combat "Learning Overwhelm"
Facilitator: Bruno Vernier

Game of Games: A Tool for Transformation
Facilitator: Angelo Lewis
Facilitator: Tia Carr Williams

SCoPE is pleased to be an organizing partner for the KnowTIPS conference.
...more http://knowtips.ca/