collaborative Document
What to include

  • sentence structure issues -- run-on sentence or comma splice, sentence fragment, subject-verb agreement, pronoun-antecent agreement, dangling modifiers, problems with parallel structure ...
  • punctuation problems -- 'Oxford' comma, incorrectly placed apostrophes ...
  • word choice mistakes
  • whatever else that comes under the heading of syntax, grammar, or mechanics (as opposed to organization or paragraph structure)
How to write this up

  • Please provide an example and its 'fix'. If you want to add an explanation or an easy way to test for this error, that would be helpful.
  •  If you've used content from an online source, please provide the link. 
  • Don't worry about the format. I will organize all contributions into a Google Slides presentation and will send out the link after the week concludes. 
If you have questions instead of answers ...

  • this would be a great place to ask them. Include an example with a brief explanation of what confuses you.


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