Learning Artifacts Forum – this is a read/watch only space

Please remember that the learning artifact is a place for viewing only. This is to keep this a low risk task by allowing each to share where they are at now, with no commentary on their experience. Thank you. In our commitment to confidentiality, you are welcome to delete your artifact tonight if you like. This course is an Open Education Resource, so anyone will have access to it. 

From your experiences of the reading, synchronous meeting, and experiential exercises this week, create an artifact to share what you have learned this week.  

A completed learning artifact will: 

  • Identify personal preferred communication pattern(s).
  • Describe how different communication patterns may impact intercultural interactions in teaching, learning, and/or everyday situation.
  • Identify something you can do in the future to enhance intercultural interactions in a personal or professional context.

If you are offering a video or audio artifact, please keep the time no longer than 2 minutes. If you are offering text, please keep to a maximum of 250 words. 

While this looks like a discussion forum, remember that this artifact forum is for viewing and listening only to respect participants' experience to this point. This is meant in the spirit of keeping it a low risk activity.

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