Exploration Forum – Due:

Step 3: Post it!

Choose one or two of your observations of real-life examples of communication patterns that may be thought provoking for fellow observers to share in this forum. 

  • Title your post clearly to support 'findability' for each other. E.g. Emma's Observations or Donna's Examples. 
  • In your post, include the context, who said what, and where on the identified communication pattern continuum you think the exchange fits. For example: Greta says "all you can think about is dreams of endless growth and money" is very direct. There is little possibility of misunderstanding her message. In another example,  a visiting faculty said she was very confused when her homestay adult said" There is lots of food on the table". The visitor thought:" does that mean it's for someone else? am I supposed to eat alone? am I to wait?" this was indirect or high context because it was not clear what the expectation was. 

Step 4: Engage with Other Participants' Stories

Please post your response(s) by noon on Thursday to allow sufficient time for collegial conversation before people move on to complete the learning artifact assignment.  Be sure that all participants receive at least 2 responses. 

Guiding questions you can use to frame your response(s): 

  • What perspectives or ideas have been woven in?
  • What experiences engage a personal sense of connection for you?
  • What did you learn that is different from your own experience?
  • What ideas, if any, would you like clarified? 
  • What makes you curious to learn more? 
  • What possibilities does this story inspire for you?

Sharing and reflecting on these stories will help you prepare your Learning Artifact assignment, which is due at noon on Friday. 

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