Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone!

by Sylvia Currie -
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I began writing this forum post HOURS ago, but each time I'd come back to this seminar I'd started poking around the many articles, presentations, MP3s, slidecasts, and posts offered to us by Norm and off I'd go off on yet another tangent. I have the book right in front of me, but listening to Norm's keynotes and other presentations was so helpful in making some of these ideas gel. And this entire seminar made me realize just how much I don't know about elearning research, and how much I take for granted! And I imagine others doing the same thing I've done: read read read listen listen listen think think think. approve

Thanks Norm, for taking the time out of your busy traveling schedule to share your expertise with us over the past few weeks. And thanks everyone who contributed to our discussion. Research is not an easy discussion topic! I think it's partly because many educators see it as something separate from practice. But really, shouldn't we always be in research mode?

As with all SCoPE seminars, this forum remains open for afterthoughts. Feel free to pop back in at any time, or to add resources to the seminar wiki.

Our next seminar is Digtial Identity, facilitated by Cindy Underhill and Trish Roseel from University of British Columbia December 1 - 18, 2009. Hope to see you there!

Sylvia Currie
SCoPE Coordinator