ETUG Spring Workshop 2014 - “20/20: Reflecting on the Past; Looking to the Future”

What were you doing in 1994?

What were you doing in 1994?

by Sylvia Currie -
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Awhile back when members of the ETUG Steering Committee were chatting about the ETUG 20th Anniversary celebration, Amanda Coolidge had [yet another] brain wave. How about setting up a virtual face wall? So we did -- on Pinterest. Now it's time get your stuff on the ETUG 20th Anniversary Face Wall!

Here are some guiding questions:

  • Where were you and what were you doing in 1994?
  • In your view, what is the most significant educational impact since 1994?
  • ... the most significant technical impact since 1994?


Option 1:

Have or want a Pinterest account? Follow the board and we'll follow you back + give you access to post to the wall.

Option 2:

Post your stuff elsewhere -- as a reply in this thread, on your blog... anywhere you'd like. Tweet the link, use the #etug hashtag, and we'll pin it! 

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Re: What were you doing in 1994?

by Oren Lupo -

Hi All -- It seems like a lifetime ago, but in 1994 I had my first experiences of Mosaic, e-databases and catalogues, online community participation and many other proto-networked-ed-tech experiences at Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences at the U of Toronto. Going to CHASS was like getting a seat on a ride to the future--about five years hence--for fledgling English lit students like me.