MicroSCoPE: January, 2008 Issue

MicroSCoPE: January, 2008 Issue

by Sylvia Currie -
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MicroSCoPE: A Close Look at What's Happening in the SCoPE Community
January, 2008

In This Issue
1. Seminar: Intellectual Property
2. Mark Your Calendars
3. Activity Recap
4. PeriSCoPE
5. About SCoPE
6. About MicroSCoPE

1. Intellectual Property
* Seminar: Intellectual Property
Facilitator: Dan McGuire
January 9 - 29, 2008
The questions related to intellectual property are endless, and the answers can be unclear. Who owns online courses? What materials can be used, and how can they be used? What are the risks of 'cut and paste' when designing your course? This seminar is for everyone!
...more http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/mod/forum/view.php?id=749

2. Mark Your Calendars
* Online Conference: Platforms for Communities of Practice - Long Live the Platform
January 14 - February 1, 2008
What's the best platform on which communities of practice can gather? There are a lot of choices and the choices seem to be multiplying. During this three-week conference we will be looking at many different platforms (new and old) through the eyes of their communities. Moodle, SCoPE's platform, will be one of many featured during the conference. Others include Q2learning, Tomoye, Web Crossing, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, Ning, and Facebook. The conference cost is $100 USD but it makes more sense to just join CPSquare.org since the conference is free for members.
...more http://www.cpsquare.org/News/

* Electronic Village Online (EVO) 2008
January 14 - February 24, 2008
EVO extends a special invitation to all SCoPE members to attend these free 6-week online sessions. It's a great opportunity for professional development and networking with educators all over the world.
...more http://evo08sessionscfp.pbwiki.com/

* The Future of Learning in a Networked World conference
January 18 - 28, 2008
The Future of Learning in a Network World, a travelling open space conference, brings together a series of real world and online events throughout the month of January.
...more http://flnw.wikispaces.com/

* SCoPE Seminar: First Nations Pedagogy for Online Learning
Facilitator: June Kaminski
March 3 - 31, 2008

* SCoPE Seminar: Rethinking Teaching in the Sciences
Facilitator: Gina Bennett
April 7 - 27, 2008

* If you would like an event to be listed, please contact Sylvia Currie scurrie@sfu.ca. Check the SCoPE calendar for a full list of online events that will be of interest to members.
...more http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/calendar/view.php?view=upcoming

3. Activity Recap
* Seminar: Collaborate Online
Facilitator: Janet Salmons
December 5 - 16, 2007
Collaborate Online combined of 2 theme-based live sessions hosted by Elluminate.com, 1) Laying the Foundation, and 2) Thinking Together, with an asynchronous discussion in SCoPE. The live sessions were lively and well-attended. It was a nice combination -- getting together for an intensive, focused presentation/discussion then bringing it back to the asynchronous forum in SCoPE to expand, reflect, and ask more questions. Janet Salmons is continuing her research on Taxonomy of Collaborative E-Learning. If you design, plan and/or teach post-secondary courses online with collaborative methods Janet would be very interested in hearing from you! (jsalmons@vision2lead.com)
...access the archive and session recordings http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/mod/forum/view.php?id=750

SCoPE seminars are always available for reading and afterthoughts. Access all past seminar discussions
... http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/course/view.php?id=8#section-3

4. PeriSCoPE
* Deirdre Bonnycastle has posted the latest Active Learning Blog Carnival. This months Big Question is "What motivates students to be actively involved in learning?". Take a minute to add your comments!

* Follow SCoPE on Twitter
... http://twitter.com/scope_community

* The SCoPE Facebook group and member networking is proving to be an interesting way to keep up with members' activities and to discuss our work together. Stop by to write on the wall or start a discussion topic.

* Check what SCoPE members are blogging about and subscribe to our SCoPE Bloggers feed.
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* Have you added your name and location to our Frappr Map?

5. About SCoPE
SCoPE, supported by the Learning and Instructional Development Centre at Simon Fraser University, brings together individuals who share an interest in education research and practice, and offers opportunities for dialogue across disciplines, geographical borders, professions, levels of expertise, and education sectors. We organize seminars, events, and ways for practitioners to connect. Membership is free and open to everyone.

Self-register at http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca

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