14. Instructions for Learners

In the previous chapters, you have planned each of the elements of your alternative assessment that invites learners to use GenAI. Now is the time to put together everything that you have planned into clear and complete instructions for your students.

As a reminder, consider including language (and/or resources) to address each of the following elements of your assessment:

  • Learning objective of the assessment;
  • The task or deliverable to be completed;
  • The process to be used in completing this assessment, including:
    • The use of GenAI, along with instructions for its use;
    • An alternative option that does not require the use of GenAI and instructions/resources for doing so;
    • Parameters for completing the assignment. For example, whether teamwork is encouraged or forbidden; which resources may or may not be consulted; requirements for citation of work used (especially for GenAI resources), etc;
    • (optional) A description of the scaffolded elements / Stages of submission of the assessment;
    • (optional) A description of the meta-cognitive (reflective) component;
  • The assessment plan, including clear and transparent criteria by which the work will be assessed;
  • (optional) Examples of past student work, along with indication of the grade obtained so that students can gauge how the work aligns with your expectations;
  • Logistics of submission: Format, where/how to submit, due date, etc.