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    Welcome to Future Facing Assessments: How to use AI in the Design of Alternative Assessments!

    This section orients you to this course to ensure you get the best out of this experience. It provides information about:

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    • What this course is about, it's learning goals, and the proposed activities to help you achieve those goals;
    • Who are your facilitators;
    • And there is a space to ask questions about anything related to this course - be they technical or content-based.

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    Monday and Tuesday

    This section of the FLO course brings you up to speed with generative AI. You will read about the different types of GenAI tools, explore assessments that use GenAI, and discuss how you might want to introduce a GenAI assignment to your students.


    Wednesday and Thursday

    This is the heart of the FLO course, where you will apply what you learned about generative AI to develop your own alternative assessment. The Guidebook will take you through developing your assessment step-by-step, providing resources along the way. The Brainstorming Sandbox is an optional discussion forum where you can solicit the help of your peers as you develop your assessment. Finally, you will showcase what you developed to your colleagues.



    This final day of the FLO course is about reviewing and celebrating the range of alternative assessments that use GenAI that were developed as part of this course, provide feedback and suggestions, and considering the next steps.

    • On Thursday, you posted a description of your assessment to the discussion forum Showcase your Assessment. On Friday, you will return to that forum, review what others have posted, and respond to at least one question posted by a colleague about their work. Consider also reviewing the comments that others have made in response to your question about your assessment.

      [Note: Responding to at least one colleague's post is a requirement for obtaining the digital badge for this course.]

    • This page provides a few more resources and suggestions for next step.

    • Curious about the history and goal of BCcampus FLO courses? This short book provides an introduction.