5. AA - Pick One

Tour of Alternative Assessments

The assessment that you will develop this week should be an alternative assessment. To help you find the right one, consult A Guide to Alternative Assessments [PDF], written by Eliana. This guide provides a comprehensive list of over 35 alternative assessments formats. Each one is summarized in a brief one-pager that includes links to examples, rubrics to evaluate the student products, and additional resources.
(Note: This document is a revision of the one available on the York University website, and the broken links have been fixed).

If you didn’t find anything suitable, consider perusing the Champions of Reimagined Assessment, a YouTube playlist. [In the video, click on the 3 bars at the top of the video to see the playlist and choose the video you wish to watch; alternatively, click on YouTube at the bottom right of the video to open a YouTube page where you can see the playlist]. Eliana solicited alternative assessment practitioners from around the world to submit a short video where they describe an alternative assessment they use in their classroom. Hear about their experience first-hand.

GenAI to Brainstorm AA Ideas

Still didn’t find a format that would be suitable for your classroom? Consider asking a GenAI to assist. Use ChatGPT or Bing in Creative Mode to solicit ideas of alternative assessments you could use in your course context.