7. Resources on GenAI

That was a very quick primer on GenAI. You may wish to learn more. Here are some excellent resources recommended to you.

UNESCO has put together a ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence in Higher education Quick Start Guide. It is short (15 pages, with lots of graphs and figures) and provides an excellent overview.

Ethan Mollick, an Associate Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania who studies the impact of GenAI in education has put together this EXCELLENT series of short videos to explain what GenAI is and how to use it in higher education. There are five (5) short videos, each about 10 minutes long and on a different theme (e.g., how educators can use GenAI, how students can use GenAI, etc).

Kwantlen Polytechnic University consulted its community to create a 22-page overview of the use of GenAI in education. The resource provides recommendations for best practice (for example, never requiring that students use GenAI for an assignment; rather always offering an alternative option), as well as examples of potential use in the classroom.

A robot hands a resource (a book) to a womanThe Walton Family Foundation commissioned a large survey of teachers and students on their ChatGPT usage (it was conducted in Feb 2023). The results are an interesting glimpse at how quickly the tool was adopted in education and how each group uses the tool.

The MIT Technology Review published an article on how GenAI will transform education. Rather than focusing on whether the technology is a positive or negative development for education, it focuses on how it will transform it in a way that it was already poised to change.

Note: Images created using DALL-E in August 2023.