Topic outline

  • The goal for Week 1 is to get acquainted with ourselves and each other. This week's topics include:

    • Introduction to facilitators and participants
    • Introduction to the topic
    • Boundaries and Self-Care
    • Empathy

    Note: We recognize that participants are often working full-time and have busy personal lives, so we wanted to let you know that the tasks for Week 1 can be accomplished at your own pace, ideally before we start Week 2 to get the most out of the course. When taking a similar type of course, I have found it stressful to realize that if I haven't posted my introduction by the end of the first day, that I am already behind. Knowing this we have broadened our expectations to remove this pressure.

    The tasks for this week include:

    • Synchronous session on (insert date). This session will be recorded and available in the course if you can't make the live session.
    • Introduce Yourself in the Discussion forum and respond to at least one other person.
    • Engage with the materials in the course
    • Comment on a scenario of self-care (this will also be in the Discussion forum)
    • Self-Care plan (assignment that you will post to the Assignment Dropbox)

    You will find all of the materials and the respective discussion forums and assignment dropbox under this topic, Week 1: Starting with Self.

    For simplicity sake, we will also add all of the resources we use or quote from under the Resources tab.