Pre-Meeting Checklist for Adobe Connect
During and After the Meeting
Preparing for a Meeting
Attending Your First Adobe Connect Meeting
Quick Guide to Preparing Documents for Adobe Connect
Adobe Connect Resource List
Connecting Your Camera
Recording & Playing Back a Meeting
Adobe Connect Resource List


Comprehensive guides prepared by Adobe and Adobe Connect users, geared toward multiple user levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Administrator).

An Adobe Connect learning site, with tutorials, setup instructions, and links to meeting essentials and tips.


User community that helps you stay up-to-date on new features as well as connect to user groups in your area or industry.

Twitter users

Join Adobe Connect on twitter for tweets about user group meetings and events, Adobe Connect news, and anything else related to Adobe Connect.

For LinkedIn members, this Adobe Connect group provides another forum to connect online.

The official facebook group for Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Uses. A companion to our user community site (hosted by Penn State U for worldwide users)

Adobe Connect community hosted by Penn State, where users from around the world are welcome to log in and contribute to the community.

Best Practices

Articles from experienced Adobe Connect users on ways they have found to maximize the success of a meetings.

A printable document that identifies a collection of best practices for using Adobe Connect.