Pre-Meeting Checklist for Adobe Connect
During and After the Meeting
Preparing for a Meeting
Attending Your First Adobe Connect Meeting
Quick Guide to Preparing Documents for Adobe Connect
Adobe Connect Resource List
Connecting Your Camera
Recording & Playing Back a Meeting
During the Meeting
  1. If you are recording the meeting, click Meeting and Record Meeting. Give your meeting a name and click OK.

  2. Introduce yourself and your presentation. Make sure your participants have read your introductory notes with housekeeping information.

  3. Before you begin your actual presentation, check with people in the meeting to be sure they can hear. Ask participants to use the emoticons in the Attendee List Pod to let you know if they can hear you.

  4. If people have presenter status, ask them to Mute their microphones during your presentation. For best sound, only the presenter should use the microphone.

  5. Remember to repeat questions before you give the answer.

  6. Make sure you check the chat pod and the attendee list for comments or questions from participants.

  7. When you are ready to end the meeting, let attendees know and thank them for attending.

  8. If you were recording the meeting, make sure you stop recording.

  9. Click on Meeting and End Meeting.

After the Meeting

  1. The meeting space is always available to you. Anything you leave in the meeting space will be there when you log back in another time. You should explore how to email chats to yourself, how to download recordings, and how to clear pods of content in preparation for your next meeting.