Reflections and Next Steps 2009


Reflections and Next Steps 2009

Oct 7-16, 2009 | SCoPE discussion

About this seminar [edit]

The Reflections and Next Steps seminar is an annual tradition at SCoPE. We take some time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. This is a summary of the October, 2009 discussion.

Over a 10-day period 15 SCoPE members gathered:

  • 25 suggestions for seminar topics
  • 6 things we should consider with respect to format
  • 2 ideas for improving the user experience
  • 3 needs identified for promoting SCoPE
  • Lots of words of appreciation, which is really appreciated! approve

Participants [edit]

Core Questions [edit]

  • What have you liked about SCoPE?
  • What would you change?
  • What are your ideas for future activities?

Feedback [edit]

Future [edit]