Let’s conclude this FLO by examining how you have approached new educational tools and reflect on your current mindset. How has our self-efficacy improved? Let’s continue to work on any biases that can limit your journey towards digital fluency. Remember, when we a can-do mindset towards new technologies we become more digitally literate because we become more open to discovery and exploration and less critical of minor setbacks.

Complete Activity 1 again but use a different educational tool and you do not need to post any of your reflections.


Step 1

Select an educational tool from the list below that you are unfamiliar with. If you have used all of them then select another educational tool on your own. Remember, you do not have to present any of your content, you just have to reflect on the process by noting down your thoughts in Step 2.

  • Canva (i.e. present an assignment instruction using Canva)
  • Mentimeter (i.e., create two activities in slides, such as a word cloud and a Likert scale poll)
  • Lumi (H5P) (i.e. Make a fill-in-the-blank activity)

Familiar with the above or looking for a challenge? Try one of these:

The objective again is to set up a learning activity like you did in activity 1.  

Step 2

Write down the learning process as you complete Step 1. Use these questions to guide your reflective process, or review more questions in this reflective toolbox.

  1. Pre-Reflective Questions
    1. What do I hope to achieve?
    2. What do I know that might help me achieve this?
    3. How will I know if I’m not achieving this?
    4. What am I feeling?
    5. How might these feelings influence my practice?
  2. Post-reflective Questions
    1. What did I learn?
    2. How, specifically, did I learn it?
    3. Why does this learning matter, why is it important?
    4. Were there other ways I could have reacted/thought/felt?
Step 3

Smile and say “I now have a can-do mindset and I'm ready to embrace new educational tools for the benefit of my students". 

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