5 steps in 5 days overview

This FLO will cover a step a day. Review each step/day:  

This is outlined in this short video walk-through tour of this FLO MicroCourse:

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Day 1: Create and reflect

We kick off with an activity. This activity asks you to learn a new educational tool and reflect on your mindset before, during, and after creating an activity or ILO (instructional learning object) using a recommended set of educational tools.

Day 2: Read, reflect, and write

We look at our cognitive biases that may hamper our ability to become digitally fluent. We will have a synchronous session on [DATE AND TIME]. The details are in the Day 2 module. 

Day 3: Overcoming your cognitive bias(es)

Day 3 looks at how we can overcome any biases that are uncovered and brought to our consciousness.

Day 4: Assessing digital tools

We will meet synchronously this week. I guest speaker will join us, but ore about that later. We will also use a rubric to if an educational tool will help facilitate learning and share your results in a blog post.

Day 5: Create and reflect

We conclude by doing activity 1 again to see how you have harnessed any biases when trying new educational tools. It is very difficult to become digitally fluent with an I-can’t-do-it mindset. 

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