Hello Learning Community! Please note that it may take a moment for the padlet to load. Scroll down to meet your fellow participants.

Please introduce yourselves on this Padlet by sharing a brief story of a time you were in a different cultural situation where something confused or intrigued you. You're welcome to use video, audio, or text format and include an image if you like. 

Be sure to clearly describe your post content in the subject header, for example:  Emma's Intro Video or Donna's Intro Story.

In the interests of respecting everyone's time, please keep your stories to 90 seconds or less if using audio/video and under 150 words if using text. We offer you our own story examples to start getting acquainted.   

If this is your first time using Padlet, to add a post, select the pink + button at the bottom right. To create a video (film) or audio post, use the add more (...) tool and allow Padlet permission to access your camera and/or microphone. You will have options to review and redo before saving your video or audio story.

Note: Up to date Chrome or Firefox browsers are recommended. Other browsers may not be supported. 

To upload a Padlet, follow the instructions here.

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