About SCoPE

SCoPE was launched in fall, 2005 to bring together individuals who share an interest in educational research and practice and to offer opportunities for dialogue across disciplines, geographical borders, professions, levels of expertise, and educational sectors. With this very broad mandate, flexible tools, and an open mind about how to proceed, the members have shaped this online community into a vibrant meeting place for dialogue, collaboration, and sharing.

The core activity in SCoPE is scheduled seminar discussions facilitated by volunteers. We also host special interest groups (SIGs) by request, online conferences, and special projects as they emerge. Ideas for seminar discussion topics and other SCoPE activities come from our members.

BCcampus provides site hosting, as well as coordination and implementation of community activities. Simon Fraser University's Teaching and Learning Centre have provided coordination, moderation, as well as the technical and media design services. In addition, SCoPE forms collaborating partnerships with many organizations to implement and promote community activities and products. This is a mutual exchange of support and services.

Our goal is to continue to provide free and open access to SCoPE activities.

SCoPE is committed to:

  • Inviting and supporting all interested individuals to participate in community activities.
  • Providing opportunities to use emergent technologies to support community activities.
  • Responding to the needs of community members.
  • Connecting content to community discussions in order to establish rich resources.

In keeping with the original mandate of SCoPE -- to encourage open sharing, reuse and remixing of knowledge and resources -- all seminar discussions and shared resources are open to the public without the need to login, and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada. Your contributions always remain your property, but in posting them here you agree to license under the same terms as this site.

Learn more

To find out more about SCoPE visit the FAQ, browse MicroSCoPE newsletters and announcements, and check into KaleidoSCoPE, an area devoted to discussions about the community.

Get involved

  • Facilitate a SCoPE seminar
  • Start a Special Interest Group
  • Use SCoPE for your community research
  • Propose a collaborative event
  • Share your ideas for sustaining SCoPE

Questions about SCoPE?

Contact Sylvia Currie, Community Steward, scurrie@bccampus.ca

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