Week 3 Discussion Forum

This week in this forum we will be discussing evaluating synchronous sessions as well as checking in on the Practicing Facilitators' sessions and hearing/giving feedback about how they went.

Activity 1: Contribute a short discussion post answering the following question prompt: Why is it important to evaluate synchronous online sessions and what type of evaluation might you use in your own synchronous online facilitation most often?

Activity 2: Contribute to discussions around the Practicing Facilitators' sessions this week. Practicing Facilitators should follow the instructions in the Course Overview for what to post about your session in this forum. All participants in the class are asked to comment on the posts from Practicing Facilitators with effective feedback if you attended their session or if you'd like to make comments or ask questions from your own experience. Do take the time to view some of the recordings for examples and to be able to comment and give effective feedback.

Other optional activities to do during the week:

  • Review some more of the "Sample Synchros" that you didn't choose in Week 2, for further analysis discussions.
  • Post other general questions here that may be coming up for you this week as we near to our course close.
Activity 3: Lastly, we invite you to post a farewell message to the class, indicating one or two steps that you'd like to take in the near future around expanding your synchronous online facilitation practice.

(There are no discussion topics yet in this forum)