Activity: Sample Synchros

For this activity you are asked to watch some recordings of synchronous online sessions and review them using the Facilitation Session Guide (found at the bottom of this Course Overview page), sharing your thoughts with the rest of the class in the Week 2 Discussion Forum by Wednesday of this week.

Sample Sessions

Choose any of the following to review. Try to watch at least two 15-min chunks of each:   

  • Any of the session recordings in UBC's Online Teaching Program or CTLT Remote Teaching Institute. (Note: You might have to drill down a bit and/or look for "session recording" links)
  • Any of the session recordings in the past events of the BCcampus Events Calendar. (Tip: Look for sessions that were 1 hour in length as not everything on their calendar was a short webinar.)
  • Another openly-accessible video that you've found or know about that features someone facilitating a virtual/synchronous session. If you'd like to share a good resource site please share it with us in the Week 2 Forum.)

Review Prompts

Using the Facilitation Session Guide (from this Course Overview page - at bottom), think about:

  • What facilitation behaviours or strategies did you see that you'd like to "borrow" for when you facilitate online that you think adhere to best practices?
  • Were there any facilitation behaviours or strategies that you saw that you didn't think were as effective? Or might not work in your context?
  • What questions do you have about the session that you are still wondering about?

When you write your post, tell us which recordings you watched and try to give us timings of where you saw notable behaviours/strategies so we can find what you're referring to if possible. Include a direct link to the recording in your post if you can.