Sharing & Feedback

1. Share your community building activity

  • Create a new discussion thread using subject: "YourName: Name of your activity". 
  • Include, attach or provide a link to your activity (you need to hyperlink manually) in a forum post
  • Add details about how, why, and for whom you created this activity, and any specific challenges and questions you have

2. Give specific, constructive feedback on other's activities

 Guiding questions:

  • Are the activity instructions clear?
  • Is the activity doable in the time allotted?
  • Are the suggested technologies inviting to use? (Do learners need to create accounts? Will they be able to complete the activity on any computer or device?)
  • Will the activity help to build community? 

Then, use the MicroCourse Feedback Rubric to guide and assess your feedback!

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