Sharing & Feedback

1. Share your draft discussion prompt

  • Create a new discussion thread using the subject heading you would use for your prompt with your own students
  • Include, embed, attach, or provide a link to, your draft discussion prompt (you need to hyperlink manually)
  • Add details about how, why, and for whom you created this prompt, and any specific challenges and questions you have (in a separate post in your thread, if you wish)

2. Give specific, constructive feedback on other's discussion prompts

 Guiding questions:

  • Does this discussion prompt compel you to participate? 
  • Are you clear how to contribute to the discussion?
  • Would you feel motivated to continue to engage in this discussion after your initial reply?
  • Do you have any other creative ideas about how this prompt could have been approached differently?

Then, use the MicroCourse Feedback Rubric to guide and assess your feedback!

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