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Dear Richard,
Thanks for the great clip. I really like to see you in the video. I think you accomplished what you wanted -- the personal connection -- as I see how you speak about the past three weeks and the future of the projects. Thanks for giving credit to your students too. Although I did not have much to contribute in this forum, I did read the links, and stories. Thanks everyone. Jo Ann
The most innovative teacher from my highschool in the early to mid 60's actually took us to Waterloo University to learn computer programming. My most innovative mentor took me to see the research labs in the physics department of MacMaster University. As a high school student these outings stand out -- but what does not stand out positively is the hours of copying chalked noted from the board, being disciplined -- after all the whole class would be punished -- to control a few -- right -- even though I was neve a discipline problem. In the fist video -- the focus is that the teacher is "putting down the students" -- I remember in grade nine -- the teacher thought it was a good idea to throw chalk at kids.

And you mentioned Deirdre -- your daughter getting the same kind of education. Hmmm.... Some teachers, at my son's innovative school -- get the internet -- and how to use it in the classroom -- most of the high school students have labtops -- but others are teaching like they have for years -- with working with the academic students who are keen and want to learn -- except in ways that don't match them. For example -- I'm here at noon or after school if someone wants help. Most if not all of these gifted students are extremely busy (many extra classes, part-time jobs, volunteer work and extra school activities within the school) and would not respond to these offeres from someone who does not work with them -- and even just puts them down. My 2 cents as I was resonating with your post. I see so many great ways to reach these students -- and I am so grateful for the teachers who are able to change and reach out more to use the technology wisely, especially web sourcing. Jo Ann
Hi George and Others,
I think approaching CHIN for their softward/infrastructure sounds like a good idea. Sylvie and Jeffery and others, could you do this? Although the ideas and names can keep coming from the Scope Conference -- there seem to be some who are very interested in developing the Museum and hopefully there can be follow-up.

I'm amazed at the number of people, sources, areas of expertise that form the foundation. I'm also interested in what people think the "future" holds -- and making a record of these ideas -- someday looking back to see if some of them came true -- like Olsen's 1984. Perhaps someone will write a new book. (Not me -- as I'm presently too busy.)

Jo Ann

Hi everyone,
I'm Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers and this is my 5th Scope conference.
I like the topic, and I'm so involved with the CCK08 course and my work and life, and last class with AU in the Graduate Diploma in Distance Education and Technology (GDDET), that I have not had time to think about what I want to see on Scope. Jeffery's ideas resonate well with me. I think there could be one conference on how teachers/business people cope with the amount of new learning options online, the number of new connections (e.g. through connectivism and connected knowledge course -- CCK08 -- available if they want to reach out, and on the downside --the challenges of spam -- of all kinds, and the best ideas of how our styles of teaching -- advance certain technological preferrences or deter us as teachers from using certain technologies -- and why? Any ideas of how to feel more confident using webconferencing, ustream, Youtube, etc. Just a few thoughts -- and I support Jeffery's ideas in his last post too.