Welcome to our October seminar!

Welcome to our October seminar!

by Sylvia Currie -
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About our seminar
This 3-week seminar is a combination of weekly live sessions to introduce selected sections of the Art of Teaching video, and an asynchronous forum to extend the discussion to deeper levels.

About our facilitators
Our facilitators are from Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Neil Smith is Professor in the Faculty of Education, and the mind behind the Art of Teaching video. Nancy Randall is past Head of the Teaching and Learning Centre, and Andrew Marchand is the Centre's Educational Technologist.

Participating in the live sessions
Each week of this 3-week seminar will be launched with an Art of Teaching video and live session in Elluminate.
  • Week 1: Introduction, Bridging, Outcomes
    Monday, October 19, 10 - 11:00 PDT (your time zone)
  • Week 2: Pre-assessment, Participation
    Monday, October 26, 10 - 11:00 PDT (your time zone)
  • Week 3: Post-assessment, Summary
    Monday, November 2, 10 - 11:00 PST (your time zone)
To log in to Elluminate, click this link http://tinyurl.com/yb33utj up to 30 minutes before the session begins. When prompted, type your first and last name, and the initials of the institution where you work (for example Bart Jones UNBC). If you are new to Elluminate, take 5 minutes now to visit www.elluminate.com/support and follow the steps for first time users.

Participating in SCoPE seminars
SCoPE seminars are free and open to the public, and registration is not required. To contribute you will need to create an account on the SCoPE site -- a quick process. Are you new to SCoPE or wondering how to manage your participation? Check this resource

We would like to extend a special welcome to the new SCoPE members who will be joining us during this seminar, and hopefully many more times in the future!

Sylvia Currie, SCoPE Coordinator

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Re: Welcome to our October seminar!

by Christine Horgan -

Sylvia: looking forward to this seminar and hoping/planning to be more than an active "lurker" this time.

Cheers, Chris Horgan (SAIT Polytechnic, Calgary)

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Re: Welcome to our October seminar!

by neil SMITH -
Good that you are able to join us Chris.. looking forward to your ideas around the next topics! - Neil
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Re: Welcome to our October seminar!

by Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier -
Hello all!
I too am quite excited about this next session! I look forward to sharing and learning with you all.

Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier
StFX University / University of South Australia
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Re: Welcome to our October seminar!

by neil SMITH -
Hi Sylvia -

Thanks for the introduction~! Andrew and I would like to add our welcome to all the participants. We have been working with the Art of Teaching here at VIU for the past four years, and it is wonderful to see it being used in the online environment. We are looking forward to provocative conversation and debate - today was a good beginning!!

Ideally, Nancy Randall will also be able to join us from the midcontinent while enroute to the east.

So - thanks to all those who have signed on, and we will adjust next week's session to include a very brief review of session #1 to bring those who may join us up to speed.

Below, we will start some discussion threads to open the conversation.

All the best - Neil and Andrew
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Re: Welcome to our October seminar!

by Therese Weel -
I enjoyed watching the full art of teaching video yesterday.


The presentation was well organized and executed.

*was* looking forward to attending the elluminate but in my usual hurry I misread the time to be 11:00.

Caught a bit of the debriefing - wonderful to be able to video conference like that.

Hopefully you'll post the recording.


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Re: Welcome to our October seminar!

by neil SMITH -
Thanks for the feedback Therese, and good to see that eventually you were able to join in. Were you able to access the recording OK? Hope to "see" you on Monday... Neil
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Re: a timely and interesting topic

by Sylvia Riessner -
Thanks Sylvia and the presenters from Vancouver Island University for what looks like another interesting session. I wish I could have attended the Elluminate session but it conflicted with a meeting. I'll catch up by following the threads.

Enjoyed the video -- looking forward to some in-depth discussion.

Sylvia R
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Re: Welcome to our October seminar!

by Susan Lister -
Hi All,
In the way of introductions... I'm Sue Lister from Northern Ontario - I have a background in Multimedia, Online Learning, Teacher Training and as of late I have been involved in international education contracts.

I'm usually a SCoPE lurker...but this session has me wondering a few things. Perhaps I just have more time on my hands so I'm delving in more than I usually do.

Are there specific objectives for our time together over the next three weeks? I see in the welcome it says, "to introduce selected sections of the Art of Teaching video and .... to extend the discussion to deeper levels" but I wonder if this could be narrowed down somewhat. Do the VIU folks have specific goals they are trying to accomplish? As a result of participating over the next three weeks what should participants expect?

At first I thought we were going to critique the "Art of Teaching" videos or the ISW methodologies based on our own experiences or knowledge but after the Elluminate session and subsequent discussion board postings I realize that's not the case.

I'm just trying to decide if I'm a good fit as a participant based on the expected outcomes.

Just wonderin'
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Re: Welcome to our October seminar!

by neil SMITH -
Hi Sue - Thanks for the comments, and welcome in from northern Ontario!

I understand your point about lack of articulation of specific outcomes for the session, but we decided to keep the sessions purposefully open - inviting people to pick up on the themes most important to them, the learning outcomes being more"expressive" in nature. At the end of the three weeks our hope is that participants would have reflected on their own instruction, picked up some ideas about how to build on their existing practice, and importantly thrashed about in a good debate about best instructional decisions for different practice.

While the ISW BOPPPS provides the organizing framework, we find in our sessions the most powerful learning comes from peoples' sharing of experiences that build on parts of the DVD that they find most relevant.

So - we are open... which, by the way, does not preclude our critique of the DVD. That we would really welcome as well, given that we are midpoint in the development of a second DVD in the series based on Inquiry.

Thanks Sue - hope you are able to join us Monday once again. - Neil
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Re: Welcome to our October seminar!

by Susan Lister -
Thanks Neil,

That clears things up. smile

I hope to be available on Monday - will 'see' you then.