Thank you and next steps

Thank you and next steps

by Vivian Neal -
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Hello to all the participants of this seminar on Teaching and Learning Centres.  The last two weeks have been a marvelous exchange of information and insights into the various structures of our centres and the wide variety of activities we do.  (and thanks so much Judy for your recent and interesting post about your Malaspina Teaching and Learning Centre....) 

We've had descriptions of 9 centres in the UK, Australia and Canada and it's been wonderful to learn about and ponder the similarities and differences.

This will be my last post with this seminar, but feel free to continue to the discussion if you wish.  Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful contributions!


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Thanks Vivian

by Derek Chirnside -
Vivian, this has been good.

I've followed your blog, and rationed myself to following up a few links on quals for lecturers - and also the creativity theme.  This is where my interest lies: getting our TLC into creativity and imagination as well as (the also important) tikky boxes and compliance issues.
A challenge indeed!!

Many thanks Vivian.


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Re: Thank you and next steps

by Sylvia Currie -
To echo Vivian and Derek, it really has been fascinating to learn about the various ways we approach our work at teaching and learning centres. Vivian begins a well-deserved vacation today, but as she mentioned this forum remains open. If there's anything else I can do to support your ongoing work  I'm more than happy to do that. For example, if the paper you're writing needs a special space in SCoPE to discuss process and share drafts I'd be happy to do that. I believe it was Alice who asked if discussion archives will be available for awhile. All SCoPE seminar discussions remain open and available so you'll continue to have this resource.

A note about format -- I enjoyed reading Vivian's blog alongside the seminar discussion. It would be interesting to explore that format further to find ways to integrate forum discussions and blogs. I used RSS to bring the posts into a common view so if felt very integrated. There may be some ways to achieve a more integrated interface right here in SCoPE.

Mark your calendars for our next 2 seminars:
1. SCoPE Next Steps August 20 - September 2, 2007
SCoPE is almost two years old! This 2-week discussion is an opportunity for a focused discussion on how we're doing and where we should go next.

2. Active Learning Strategies for Online Learning September 10 - 30, 2007
Deirdre Bonnycastle from University of Saskatchewan is planning a practical seminar discussion on designing and implementing active learning strategies.

Thanks everyone!
Sylvia Currie
Community Coordinator