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MicroSCoPE: January, 2007 Issue

MicroSCoPE: January, 2007 Issue

by Sylvia Currie -
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MicroSCoPE: A Close Look at What's Happening in the SCoPE Community
January, 2007

In This Issue
1. Knowing Knowledge
2. Mark Your Calendars
3. Activity Recap
4. Online Facilitation Knowledge Fair
5. Tips to Improve Your SCoPE Experience
6. About SCoPE
7. About MicroSCoPE

1. Seminar: Knowing Knowledge
* Seminar: Knowing Knowledge
Facilitator: George Siemens
Asynchronous Discussion: January 10 - 30, 2007
Synchronous Session: January 10, 13:00 PST, 21:00 GMT
This seminar discussion will launch SCoPE's Professional Reading Group Series. The book, Knowing Knowledge, is an exploration of knowledge - what it is, how it is changing, and what it means to our organizations and society. Join George Siemens and Paul Stacey to kick off our Knowing Knowledge seminar discussion with an Elluminate session hosted at BCcampus Learning Communities. George will introduce us to the ideas outlined in his new book and all participants are invited to post pre-session questions.
...access the seminar and further information http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/mod/forum/view.php?id=361

Complimentary copies of Knowing Knowledge have been mailed to Cyprien Lomas, Therese Weel, Nick Noakes, and Cathy Bray for being the first 4 members to respond to the December call for expression of interest in participating in this month's event. Congratulations!

2. Mark Your Calendars
* Innovate-Live Webcasts
The Innovate December/January issue and accompanying webcasts offer critical commentary on a recent development in e-learning technology, recommendations for supporting faculty use of technology, a revealing account of how writing instruction can benefit from an online learning environment, and two case studies illustrating the key role of collaboration in the effective design and development of educational technologies.
... more http://www.innovateonline.info/

* CIDER Sessions
The Canadian Institute of Distance Education Research is resuming its "CIDER sessions". In January the topic is Professional Identity in Distance Education.
...more http://cider.athabascau.ca/CIDERnews/cidersession12007

* Connectivism Online Conference
February 2 - 9, 2007
The University of Manitoba's Learning Technologies Centre is hosting an online conference on Connectivism. Indicate your intention to participate in this conference by submitting your email addresss on the conference website.
...more http://umanitoba.ca/learning_technologies/connectivisim/

* Check the SCoPE calendar for a full list of online events that will be of interest to members.
...more http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/calendar/view.php?view=upcoming

3. Activity Recap
* Seminar: The Use of Open Source and Free Software in Education
Facilitator: Heather Ross
November 6 - 26, 2006
Heather Ross came forward with a popular and timely topic for our November seminar, and it coincided nicely with Innovate-Live webcasts. Our discussion touched on both the practical and philosophical aspects of the use of open source and free software, and together we generated some resources that we can continue to build on.
...access the seminar archive http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/mod/forum/view.php?id=361
...contribute to the Open Source and Free Sofware in Education Wiki http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/mod/wiki/view.php?id=372
...access the Innovate Webcast archives http://www.innovateonline.info/index.php?view=event&type=webcast

* Seminar: Accessibility of eLearning
Facilitators: Catherine Fichten and Jennison Asuncion
December 4 - 20, 2006
During this seminar, Jennison and Catherine of Adaptech.org shared early findings from their current research on accessibility of elearning for Canadian college and university students with visible and invisible disabilities. Their invitation to hear about tools, experiences, successes, and lessons learned was so well received that we created a new Special Interest Group to carry on the dialogue. All SCoPE members who were subscribed to the forum at the time we wrapped up have been added to the new SIG. It's open to everyone so please drop in!
...access the new SIG http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/course/view.php?id=29
...contribute to the $200 or less: Free or Inexpensive Adaptive Software Wiki http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca/mod/wiki/view.php?id=418
...contribute to our collection of bookmarks http://del.icio.us/tag/accessibility_of_elearning

4. Online Facilitation Knowledge Fair
What is an Online Facilitation Knowledge Fair? It's an idea that emerged through participation in "onfac", a list moderated by Nancy White for discussion about the skills, techniques and issues around online facilitation in a variety of Internet online environments and virtual communities. The fair is planned collaboratively as a gathering of community events and showcases around the topic of online facilitation. This online "conference" structure is just beginning to take shape through a Wiki and discussion. We invite you jump in to help make the fair a success!

... Online Facilitation Knowledge Fair Wiki: http://onlinefacilitation.wikispaces.com
... Onfac discussion group: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/onlinefacilitation/

5. Tips to Improve Your SCoPE Experience
There are many ways to manage your participation in SCoPE discussions. In preparation for the holiday season some members asked how to sign off for a few weeks. I discovered that the "unenrol from groups" method isn't obvious to most members. Here's an easy way to selectively place your email subscriptions on hiatus:

- Go to http://scope.lidc.ca and login
- Click on a group name under "My groups"
- Under "administration" click on "unenrol me from ..."
- Repeat for other groups

When you're ready to participate in SCoPE activities again, simply log in and self-enrol for each group by clicking on the title.

6. About SCoPE
SCoPE, supported by the Learning and Instructional Development Centre at Simon Fraser University, brings together individuals who share an interest in education research and practice, and offers opportunities for dialogue across disciplines, geographical borders, professions, levels of expertise, and education sectors. We organize seminars, events, and ways for practitioners to connect. Membership is free and open to everyone.

Self-register at http://scope.lidc.sfu.ca

7. About MicroSCoPE
SCoPE members receive MicroSCoPE issues automatically. If you prefer to read MicroSCoPE on the website or via RSS, manage your subscription here:

MicroSCoPE is prepared by Sylvia Currie, Community Coordinator (scurrie@sfu.ca).

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