Open Educational Resource Remixathon

Open Educational Resource Remixathon

by Sylvia Currie -
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Next week educators from around the world will be gathering in Vancouver, British Columbia for Open Education 2012. The program is full, and the conference is sold out, but there are many ways to participate online

A very special Open Education 2012 event will take place here in SCoPE: An Open Educational Resource Remixathon! We have gathered 10 submissions from individuals who are seeking collaborators to create derivative works. So YOU are invited to do the remixing. This is an opportunity to give proof to the promise that Open Educational Resources have always held, that they enable remixed derivative works.

Join the virtual kick-off of the Remixathon at 11:00 PDT on 12 October in the SCoPE Blackboard Collaborate Room. That's TOMORROW! During this session the sumbitters will describe their OERs and envisioned enhancements. Then, over the next 5 days, we will use the SCoPE forum for discussions among those who submitted projects for remixing, those who are involved in the remixing, and those who are just plain curious about the whole process.

See you there!