Ideas for prototype OLA

We've asked you to select and design a prototype of an online learning activity for your Unit of learning. Have you considered what elements should be part of your design?

Some simple structures you might try:

1.  Inspired by TED-Ed lessons - a stand-alone or self-directed activity

  • Watch or Read (video, screencast, brief written introduction
  • Think (thought-provoking questions or quizzes)
  • Dig Deeper (resources to support further learning)
  • Discuss (engage in final discussion and sharing of understanding)

2. Inspired by ISW mini-lessons (a facilitated activity - identify what you do-what learner does)

  • Spark interest
  • Outcomes or objectives (what should they learn?)
  • Pre-assess (what do they know already?)
  • Participatory (how can you involve them in the learning?)
  • Post-assess (what did they learn?)
  • Summary (wrap-up and leave them thinking!)

3.  Traditional lesson plan approach (a facilitated activity - identify what you do-what learner does)

  • Awaken interest - identify value to learners
  • Instruct or demonstrate
  • Opportunity for guided practice (let them try)
  • Assessment (identify what has been learned, what still needs practice)
  • Close

There are many other models. What have you experienced and found useful?