Hello and welcome!

I'm Jamie Billingham and I'll be one of your guides on the side for the next week. 

I've been creating explainer videos for a few years now and my appreciation for them has only gotten stronger. My first explainer video was for a tech start-up and since then I've produced dozens of short and long form explainer videos for a variety of organizations, including non-profits, restaurant chains, and of course educational institutions. Currently, I'm an instructional designer (term) at the JIBC, Fire and Safety Division.

Enough about me - how about you?

In designing this micro-course I had to make some assumption about who you would be, what you would already know, and most importantly, what you came here to find out about. These are the assumptions (the A in ADDIE sometimes mean analysis by assumption, right?):

1. You are amazing, wickedly smart, and tolerant of typos :-)

2. You are super busy

3. You are either comfortable with new technology or you are brave enough to give new technology a try

4. Related to #2 - you read faster than I can speak

Based on these assumptions I've made a few design decision.

    • The whole course (except the forum) is in one book so that you can download it and save it as a .pdf. (See below) Don't be fooled by the "print" part. It will download (or open in new window) and you can save it as a .pdf, or print if you really must.
    • I have only spell-checked once - cos I an buzy to 
    • I've included lots of technology options and examples (maybe too many - oh, dear)
    • I have not used video for instructions or basic information

      Screen capture showing how to access the print book feature in the book module.

      Ok, on with the show.