1. Welcome Week 5 Facilitators!

In this final week the mini-session will focus on assessment of participation. At the beginning of the workshop, participants were asked to choose a rubric or develop a method and criteria, to guide their self-assessment throughout the workshop. This mini-session will take a closer look on that process. It is also an opportunity to explore a specific problem: how/can participation be graded online in a way that is fair, effective, and does not overburden the instructor? (Note: "fair" and "effective" are both loaded terms that need some consideration)

Remember, "Back Pocket Strategies" are ideas, suggestions, and possibilities -- not requirements. They are intended to help – not limit – your thinking and planning your mini-session facilitation approach.

In keeping with that approach, there are intended learning outcomes for this week's mini-session. Refer to the Week 5 Overview for the full list of Intended Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria. This will guide your planning. 

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