Academic Chair of the Schools of Applied Arts and New Media, Business, and Health and Human Services at the Institute of Technology campus of the Nova Scotia Community College, I have an interest in problem-based learning, competency-based assessment, and alternative educational methodologies and delivery methods. I am actively exploring Web 2.0 tools and technologies and supporting faculty in the implementation of these tools and technologies into their professional practices. I believe that social networking is the future of learning-centred education.

Lately I have been researching and exploring the use of social media in the development and use of PLEs - Personal learning Environments - learner created and learner-controlled - this is where I see adult education going - out of the traditional classroom and into the hands of learners wherever they may be.

You can find me in Second Life as several of us at NSCC are currently exploring this MUVE as a learning environment.

NSCC is Canada's portfolio college and e-portfolio development is a powerful learning tool for faculty, staff, and learners.

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