I was part of the original faculty for The Virtual High School, which was the product of a federal grant beginning in 1996 out of the Hudson, MA school district and the Concord Consortium. I wrote and delivered an Advanced Placement English course for the VHS from 1996 until 2001. I also was on the faculty of the Teachers' Learning Conference, the graduate level online course required of all VHS teachers as they write their courses and prepare to teach online. I also helped to train Site Coordinators for VHS and made numerous presentations for them at conferences and regional meetings. In 1999 I represented VHS at the Governors Summit on Education in New York. Go to http://govhs.org to find out more about the VHS. Starting in 2001, I began consulting with Metacourse, Inc., an eLearning company based in California. I taught "Building Online Communities" and "Designing Online" and helped to build the Online Facilitator Training Course for PBS TeacherLine as a Metacourse consultant. Check out http://metacourse.com/ to see what Dr. Sherry Hsi and her Metacourse team are doing. I continued to work for PBS as an independent contractor (MWest Consulting, Inc.) since 2001. I train and mentor online facilitators for PBS TeacherLine, and have written a course for PBS called "Ready to Facilitate." Take a look at the following link to see what PBS is doing with online professional development for K12 teachers! (http://teacherline.pbs.org/teacherline/about.cfm) I've also facilitated a pilot course for the Jason Foundation on improving science literacy for middle school students. http://www.jason.org/ In short, I write courses, teach online courses, facilitate online communities, do mentoring and coaching of online facilitators, and spend a good deal of my life living in the virtual world -- and do it all from my office in the woods on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State -- four hours west of Seattle in the Olympic Rain Forest. I'm looking for opportunities at this time to facilitate online communities for professional people who want a virtual place to meet with colleagues to work on projects and share ideas. I've spent the last several years exploring ways to create virtual spaces that are "real places where real people can interact and accomplish real work together." I enjoyed being part of Sylvia's GEN in the past and am excited about SCOPE!

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