I am a teacher (Associate Professor) of English and Australian Literature at Australian Catholic University. I have been exploring the ways in which Blogging can enhance the learning experience of my students. So far I have had some amazing results. Students have been empowered to develop their own creativity (in word and image) and share this with their peers. They have also been enabled to create real learning and friendship communities that would not have been possible before "the age of the blog". Overall I am committed to exploring the ways in which new technologies can enhance and deepen the learning experience of students in the humanities. In September 2005 I presented a paper at the Asia Pacific WebCT Conference in Cairns entitled: WebCT with LiveJournal: 5 C’s: Community, Collaboration, Connection, Creativity, Cohesion. This paper can still be viewed at http://www.webct.com/asiapacific05/viewpage?name=asiapacific05_presentations_20050919. In July of 2006, after having extended my use of blogging in all my Literature courses, I gave an update on this paper to the WebCT Impact 2006 Conference in Chicago: WebCT with LiveJournal - Producing Creative Collaborative Communities. The abstract for this paper can be viewed at http://webct.confex.com/webct/2006/techprogram/S2941.HTM.
One of the reasons I started using LiveJournal blogs in my teaching was to find a more flexible and personal space within WebCT in which my students could express themselves. While I still use it within WebCT, it has grown bigger than the structure which housed it.
I have also been using LiveJournal blogging as an important tool in teaching the disadvantaged here in Sydney. Blogging was a tool that assisted these students to create contacts with students at our University as well as giving them the opportunity to fast-track their writing and computing skills. My work here was recently the subject of an ABC Radio and Film program which can be viewed at http://www.abc.net.au/rn/streetstories/stories/2007/1831012.htm
My "Web Page", listed below, is the ongoing blog that I use to keep in touch with all my students in three simultaneous university courses. We are currently in the middle of our long summer break here in Sydney but I am gearing up for the start of the new semester for 2007 which starts the day this SCoPE seminar ends.

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