Incoming Campus Project Coordinator, CMHA, BC-Division

Hello everyone!

I'm thrilled to be taking on the position of CMHA BC Campus Project Co-ordinator. I thought I would share some of my story - and how I came to situate myself in this rich and diverse community of practice.

My journey into the field of mental health and suicide prevention started ten years ago in the UK - precipitated by the tragic loss of a young person in my community to suicide. I decided to get involved with my local crisis line and so started my participation in suicide prevention efforts.

I moved to UVic at 18 to start my undergrad in marine biology, having decided I wanted to swim with dolphins and orcas. I quickly decided this wasn't the field for me and switched over to Child and Youth Care. My involvement with the crisis line movement continued, and I started delivering suicide prevention curricula to high school youth in Victoria. I also had the opportunity to work as a Resident Advisor which afforded me an intimate insight into the reality of anxiety, depression, unhealthy substance use amongst students. All of these experiences foregrounded the beginnings of the Inter-Campus Suicide Prevention Action Group at UVic/Camosun - and my foray into broad-based, community driven & owned mental health promotion/suicide prevention strategies (what a mouthful!)

And that's how I ended up at the February workshop - and my introduction to this fabulous caring community and the BC Campus Project. As of now, I'm working on my MA in Child and Youth Care with a particular interest in student mental health promotion and community development.

I live across the pond in Victoria where I enjoy hiking in the beautiful outdoors - drinking hot chai latte's on coffee shop patios - and zipping around on my scooter (must be the European influence !!).

I'm really looking forward to the months ahead and seeing our project continue to take shape and fly!


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