Hello Canadian friends,
Way back in 2000, I found my way to SFU after having immersed myself tentatively in Global Educators' Network seminars. And in November that year, I met with many GEN folks in Toronto for the TLNCE conference. Today I'm also part of the Knowplace course staff as a mentor and Open Weekend host, and I was among the first Knowtips conference organizers. So, when I read about this new initiative that Sylvia started, I just couldn't resist the temptation to join, as a sympathetic outsider :-) I've got blogs: http://www.xanga.com/susnyrop http://worldofwebheads.blogspot.com http://elgg.net/netopnyrop/weblog Canadian? Me? No. I'm from Denmark and I live and work from here, online from home in Farum north of Copenhagen. But I've been to Canada for conference, research and study, even visited online community peers at SFU back in 2000!