Hi there, I'm from Colombia (Yup, South America).

Until 2007, I was a researcher at the Educational Informatics R&D Laboratory (LIDIE) at University of Los Andes, and for 4 years (since 2001) I worked as a teacher at the Computing & Systems Engineering Department. The time I spent there was very exciting, and left me absolutely curious about finding out new and better ways to learn, as well as with a strong desire to transform the learning environments we find along our life.

Until April 2008, I worked at the Colombian Ministry of Education. I used to be project manager, within the Use of New Technologies & Methodologies in Higher Education project, in charge of coordinating initiatives at a national level (Learning Objects/OER, NREN, Teacher/Headmasters Training, Learning Networks, Virtual communities, etc.).

Now, I'm living in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), where I'm going back to college, to re-discover the educational system from a different perspective. I'm quite interested in connectivism, informal learning, and finding ways to help people to develop their real potential, to make the world a better place.

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