Hi everyone! I'm pleased to be joining you as one of your facilitators for FLO Design. I've been doing instructional design in some way, shape or form for many years and have had my own business as a learning designer and facilitator since 2011. From 2013 to 2019 I was also part of the instructional design team at RRU, first on a temporary full time basis and then casual part time while my own business grew.

I've been happy to have been involved in the Facilitating Learning Online "family" of courses since 2013 with both Royal Roads and BCcampus, designing and facilitating many versions of all of the FLO courses. I am a co-author of the FLO Facilitation Guide, an open educational resource which helps institutions learn how to implement the FLO courses.

I'm also a qualified Instructional Skills Workshop Facilitator and Trainer. My Master of Education degree with a focus in Adult Education was from The University of British Columbia. I co-lead with Tracy Roberts, the Victoria Liberating Structures User Group. If you want to check out my current work and projects, a good place to do that is via www.bethcouglerblom.com.

You can reach me via phone/text at 250-686-0036 and by email at beth@bethcouglerblom.com.