Hi, I am an educational developer, science educator, workshop facilitator, writer and photographer.

I teach people who teach (at post-secondary institutions, in the community and through schools and other organizations) via face to face and online seminars. I also lead field trips to help people learn to identify birds and other wildlife. I work at the University of British Columbia, were I have had a variety of roles - teaching upper-year science and education courses and co-directing the campus-wide teaching support centre. I currently coordinate two first year courses that focus on scholarly writing, in the Faculty of Science and in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. And I am helping an instructor of 2nd year courses on a study of self-directed learning, including new ways to engage students, both face to face and online.

I am associate editor of the online peer-reviewed open-source journal Transformative Dialogues. You can find out more if you want on my LinkedIn Profile at http://www.linkedin.com/in/alicecassidy

My areas of specialty include active and participatory learning; instructional, presentation and narrative skills; community service-learning; and working with students as active collaborators in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

I am a huge fan of Snoopy, British sports cars, and champagne (not all at the same time). I love to travel, and to network with folks like you. Drop me a line!

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