I work at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium

as an eLearning coordinator.

The eLearning we provide is for health workers in the field and for post graduate medical doctors, so lots strange illnesses and symptoms.

My biggest passion is getting learning on real-time-rails, mostly done in any spare time I have. Exploring MOOC's, augmented learning, new methodologies of collaborative/communicative learner centered ways...
At my organization I need to buckle down a bit with new initiatives and follow the change management wave, which includes:
- Building e-courses on health topics for low resource settings;

- Mobile learning projects (both human and animal health) - oh YES, I LOVE this!;

- Expanding the courses available at the institute: updates of knowledge, master courses…

- Implementing social media in all the projects.

My blog: http://ignatiawebs.blogspot.com

All the links to delicious, twitter, communities, books, interests... or on it as well.

I am also a tremendous walker (it gives me ideas) and a questionable singer of badly self-made songs.

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