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Rethinking Teaching in the Sciences Wiki: Summary 

Rethinking Teaching in the Sciences Summary

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Rethinking Teaching in the Sciences

April 7-27, 2008 | SCoPE Discussion


This seminar is the first in a "rethinking teaching" series. New techniques and new technologies enable us to teach science in exciting new ways. Or do they? Can science be taught at a distance? What exactly is science education, anyway? 


Facilitator: Gina Bennett

Moderator: Sylvia Currie

Forum Participants:

  1. Ali Boumoussa
  2. Alison Moran
  3. Amy Severson
  4. Ardith White
  5. Barbara Berry
  6. Christine Horgan
  7. Cynthia Alvarado
  8. Dominic Bergeron
  9. E.A. Draffan
  10. Emma Duke-Williams
  11. Erin Barley
  12. Estrella gancedo
  1. Inge Ignatia de Waard
  2. J. Leong
  3. Judy Southwell
  4. Julia Poole
  5. Mark Cruthers
  6. Marsha West
  7. Nalin Abeysekera
  8. Paul Stacey
  9. Ray Batchelor
  10. Rob Johnson
  11. Sylvia Riessner


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