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Guiding the E-Researcher Summary

Guiding the E-Researcher Summary

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Guiding the E-Researcher

January 18-29, 2010 | SCoPE Discussion


book cover - Online Interviews in Real Time

The seminar will draw on Janet's new book on the subject, Online Interviews in Real Time. Some of you may recall a previous SCoPE Seminar with Janet, Collaborate Online, which included an Elluminate session on "Studying Electronic Collaboration: Research, Theories and Methods."

Week 1. Research with Synchronous OnlineInterviews: Design Factors 
Thinking about key questions such as:

  • Why collect data with synchronous online interviews?
  • What ethical issues must be addressed? What will the institutional or ethics reviewers want to know?
  • What sampling approach should I use?

Week 2. Preparing for the Online Interview
Consider important issues before beginning online interviews, including:

  • Should I use a structured, semi-structured or unstructured interview style?
  • How do decisions about the interview approach relate to the selection of communications technology?


  1. Mulit-Channel Meeting Spaces (Elluminate) - January 25, 2010 Elluminate recording | 
  2. Vidyo - January 29, 2010 at:
    a) 19:00 GMT - time and date
    b) 21:00 GMT - time and date